Sunday, 22 February 2009…

Craeser word comes from “research” with no “h”. This is an infamous blog of Alexander Stanza, an Indonesian who would like to keep his notes and writings online in the world wide web. As you all should now, today is the birthday of the blog, which also exactly the same period when the US economics is in recession. In the mean time of economic difficulty, I would like to spend my time doing a positive thing like writing this blog. Probably I will invite some friends to spend time together filling in this blog.

There are a lot of people looking for my contacts, here is my email: xander_tan {[at]} users.sourceforge.net

Masa – masa perkenalan
Masa yang tak terlupakan
Masa – masa perkenalan
Masa yang penuh kenangan

Saat pertama bertemu
Dengan rekan dan sahabat
Saat pertamaku di SMA yang ternama
Kolese tercinta…

Kami hadir dengan tawa, dengan riang dan gembira
Kami hadir dengan janji, mengemban tugas yang suci
Menggapai cita yang pasti
Mengabdi Ibu Pertiwi
Demi jaya almamater kami
Kolese tercinta…

3 Responses “About” →
  1. I am trying to install your worldclock widget on the newest WordPress and it says “does not have a valid header”. Any insights?
    I cannot find your email address anywhere else so I’m typing here, you can just “reject” under moderation! 🙂

    • Yeaph… That case was on the tip of my tongue too, but i had forgotten to report it. It seems there’s some problem with the last version and Akismet pluging…. While he found a way to fix it, try to deactivate the Akismet, i guess it might work! 😉

  2. Hi!
    I have just one comment to your world clock pluging… it considers Caracas to be -4GMT when it’s really -4:30 GMT. How could i fix this?


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