Miscellaneous: The most useful device of the week

Posted on February 1, 2010


When Apple announced its iPad, I am scratching my head thinking how to do my school work, the interest rate swap. I truly believe that a tablet device will help me to do better to the environment, reducing my carbon emission – I usually write a lot of crap on paper and throw the paper away, which is not good. But at the mean time, this is my most useful device of the week (well, it is not really mine, it’s my flatmate’s but I borrow it for a while):

Not an Apple iPad, but a Whiteboard

Not an Apple iPad, but a Whiteboard

And here is the technical specification of the device of the week:

  • Screen size: 10″ – probably
  • Screen resolution: any, depends on how capable the user to minimize his handwriting
  • Display: real-ink (not e-ink)
  • Accelerometer: yes, with manual adjustment
  • Ambient light sensor: the human will turn on the light if it is dark
  • Input output port: nothing
  • Battery life: it is ON forever, as long as the user has ink
  • Language support: depends on the user who uses it
  • Song playback: yes, if the user can sing
  • Book to audio book converter: yes, if the user has read the book
  • Price tag: less than USD 10 – I would say that it is very affordable
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