HP-UX: Free Software and wget Installation with Proxy

Posted on July 6, 2009


The easiest way to obtain HP-UX free software is to go to `Porting and Archive Centre for HP-UX` website; there are a couple of these websites, which can be found using `HP-UX archive` keyword in Google.

Porting and Archive Centre for HP-UX

Porting and Archive Centre for HP-UX

The website provides HP-UX depot installer file for each free software. The depot is a common HP-UX installer file that explains the operating systems how to setup the software. Furthermore, the website tells users compilation and runtime dependency for the specific software, helping users to get the software compiled and/or run.

Compilation dependency is only useful if you would like to recompile the software in your system. If you only need to run the software, you can ignore it and focus more into the runtime dependency.

As an example, I show how to install (I won’t do compilation) `wget` software.

`wget` is a free software for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, the most widely-used Internet protocols. It is a non-interactive command line tool, so it may easily be called from scripts, cron jobs, terminals without X-Windows support, etc.

First of all, I search `wget` keyword on the search box. Then I arrive at the page, listing the software that is matched to my keyword, I click the first one wget-x.xx.x.

wget Software Information

wget Software Information

From the wget software information page, I learn that the wget software has a couple of runtime dependencies that I have to take care. As I know that my system doesn’t have gettext, libiconv and openssl, I will install them in my system too.

Get back to the wget installation, I download the wget depot into my workstation through the HTTP or FTP link provided in that page, as my HP-UX system doesn’t have wget at this point of time. I use HP-UX11i v2 on HP Integrity rx2660, so I choose `Itanium 2` Architecture with `HP-UX 11i v2` Operating Systems.

The next step is to send the file into the HP-UX system, I usually do it using SFTP access (most of HP-UX has SSH, so does SFTP). And then, as the file extension is *.depot.gz, I un-gzip the file to get the *.depot file, which is the HP-UX depot installer.

# gzip -d wget-1.11.4-ia64-11.23.depot

Finally, the tricky portion, I install the wget using the swinstall command line user interface. Assuming that the file is in the `/tmp directory` and the file name is `wget-1.11.4-ia64-11.23.depot`:

# swinstall -s /tmp/wget-1.11.4-ia64-11.23.depot

I press return when I see `Press “Return” to continue…`, and arrive at this screen:

+ ===              SD Install - Software Selection (xxxxx) (1)                 +
¦File View Options Actions                                                Help ¦
¦                       Press CTRL-K for keyboard help.                        ¦
¦Source: xxxxx:/tmp/wget-1.11.4-ia64-11.23.depot                               ¦
¦Target:  xxxxx:/                                                              ¦
¦                                                                              ¦
¦Only software compatible with the target is available for selection.          ¦
¦Top (Bundles and Products)                                     0 of 1 selected¦
¦  Marked?    Name                  Revision        Information   Size(Kb)     ¦
¦+---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ¦
¦¦            wget             ->   1.11.4          wget              2237   ^ ¦
¦¦                                                                             ¦
¦¦                                                                             ¦
¦¦                                                                             ¦
¦¦                                                                             ¦
¦¦                                                                             ¦
¦¦                                                                             ¦
¦¦                                                                             ¦
¦¦                                                                           v ¦
¦ <------------------------------------------------------------------------->+ ¦
¦                                                                              ¦

Use tab to select “Actions” > “Install”, follow the normal installation procedure to install the wget software. I repeat the installation procedure for the gettext, libiconv and openssl to fulfill the wget dependency. Once I install the wget and its dependency, I can start to use wget to download file over HTTP/HTTPS/FTP protocol into my HP-UX machine, assuming there is no proxy required.

A simple proxy setting for wget can be added into `.profile` file in the HP-UX user directory.

export http_proxy="http://proxy.craeser.org:8080"
export ftp_proxy="http://proxy.craeser.org:8080"
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