HP-UX: Failed to read “INDEX” file from install server during Ignite

Posted on April 23, 2009


This is the issue that I found during `ignite`-ing some systems in my office.

       * Bringing up Network (lan0)
add net default: gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
       * Reading configuration information from server...
       * tftp error log follows:
tftp> tftp> tftp> tftp> tftp> Error code 1: File not found
Failed to read "INDEX" file from install server.  Check that the
install server's IP address is correct and the server has the
"Ignite-UX" product loaded and is available via the tftp(1)
Press any key to return to the network configuration menu: delete net default: gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

This problem was apparently due to older ignite software package installed in my Ignite UX server. The Ignite software version can be checked using `swlist`.

# swlist | grep Ignite
  IGNITE                C.7.9.117      HP-UX Installation Utilities (Ignite-UX)
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