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Posted on March 13, 2009


I am trying my best to go green. Until today, I have read a lot of articles and papers and etc etc… on how to go green with what you are doing. In summary, all of those writings want us to reduce cost, save our money and, at the same time, to save the world. For instance, by reducing papers print, I will be able to cut down paper purchases, decreasing paper production. The declining in the production will save more trees and eventually save the world. Additionally, this will bring down revenues of paper production and timber companies, lead to less companies as more companies will close down and thus, increase unemployment. The conclusion sounds bad. Well… the good news is that I am not trained in economics. I understand that people will argue that the money from that companies will be invested in another companies that may recruit more employees. I only wish that the employees from those companies are able to gain new knowledge to work in a new company. Let us forget about the economy, the future of our children is more important, we have to save the world.

With my burning desire to go green, I start to look around and try my best to participate in. Here is what I am doing:

  • I print less paper. Unless it is very important, I will avoid printing text. And if I do need to print, I will print in double side, and if possible, I will print two or four pages in one side of paper. The good side is that I preserve my eye sight by reading less text and improve my memorizing capabilities. At the same time, I introduce myself towards new mobile technology, to access important text.
    I am not really sure how big the impact of doing this. On one hand, I cut down the number of papers, and ink probably. On the other hand, I help those mobile devices company to produce more devices. I know that paper can be easily recycled, but… can the mobile device be recycled? Not to forget that I have to regularly re-charge my mobile device… do I give the electricity company reasons to burn more fuel?
  • Let see…

This topic is very interesting. I will periodically update this page…

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