Searching for Online Storage

Posted on March 11, 2009


I have searched online storage for days, but I could not find any that really suitable with what I need. I found that looking for online storage is actually difficult as most of the links given by Google directing me to online backup instead. The main issue is that, due to unexplainable reasons, my harddrive space reduces on daily basis. In short, I struggle to squeeze my files into my harddrive.

Online backup is totally different from online storage. Online backup usually requires its users to install a program into their personal computers to automatically back up their things online. Users may selectively identify which directories they want to back up. So, if the user lost their files, they can revert it back from the online backup. The one that I am looking for is online storage where I can put whatever stuff that I want in a remote server. In other words, I want to eliminate the file from my harddrive and keep it somewhere else. And most importantly, I am not interested to install additional software to access that online storage.

I guess this note is pretty useful as I can write down which services I have explored so far:

    This is an online backup, not an online storage. I can not let you spend my storage for your software and traverse my harddrive for automatic backup. Anyway, I want to immediately delete all files that I upload. So, it’s a NO.
    Yes… this is closer to what I want. And then I accessed their pricing page. Oh no… they offer collaboration package. No… I do not want to share my files with anyone. My files are my precious, well… If I want to share my files, I’d just send it into my shared hosting. So, I think it’s a NO.
    Wow! This is even closer. It has a free account for 50GB, which allows me to upload and download my files anywhere, anytime. This is great. I tried the free account and found it a little bit slow. Nevertheless, this is an online storage service. I will consider this one.
    Wow! Wow! This is very interesting. Unlimited storage for only 10$ a year. Is this for real? It has unlimited online storage accessible using FTP, Rsync, SFT and WebDAV. This is a big WOW! I have got to check this out.
    I can not believe my eyes to know that GoDaddy offers this kind of service. It is another surprise after learning that actually GoDaddy also sells web hosting with Tomcat support, which actually received a lot of complains (err… I am not really sure about this either, I concluded this from discussions on the Internet). In short, the service only gives a limitted amount of storage, i.e. 50MB, 1,000MB, etc. So, it may not be a good one for me. Let us call it “failing to answer my demand”.

I will update this post further until I find online storage service that I need.

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