Fail to Decompress Gzip File

Posted on March 11, 2009


An interesting problem happened in my work:

  1. I had a harddrive installed with RedHat Linux and was requested to send the RedHat image over to a team overseas.
  2. Following normal procedure, I ran another RedHat Linux and inserted the harddrive into one of the harddrive slots.
  3. The harddrive was detected as /dev/sda, so… I performed the dd command:
    dd bs=1M if=/dev/sda of=/tmp/redhat.img &
  4. And then… I compressed the file:
    gzip /tmp/redhat.img
  5. At this point of time, I had the redhat.img.gz on hand and was ready to send it to my colleagues overseas.
  6. Before I sent it to my colleagues, I did the final check by decompressing the file in another machine, it worked!
  7. I sent the file to my colleagues using FTP protocol.
  8. The next day, I was surprised to hear that the file was failed to be decompressed.
  9. I repeated the process from #1 to #8, but still they could not decompress it.

This is a very interesting and unexplainable mystery.

My solution:

  1. I downloaded the image file to my Windows workstation.
  2. I compressed it with WinRAR and sent it to my colleagues using FTP protocol.

Did it work? Well… I didn’t work!!!

It looked like that the FTP server was not configured properly. Uploading to another FTP server was okay. A very interesting and challenging question, why oh why this FTP server fails to work properly.

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